Monday, March 16, 2015

Worlds in Peril Actual Play Episode 1: Strange Beginnings

We wanted to do something to show off the versatility of the system so Jason decided to play a very powerful, Superman-esque character while Adam went with a more low powered, Hawkeye-type character with some interesting mystical aspects going in.

I also decided to make it a lot more personal than I normally do since I'm only running the game for two players. Instead of having a bunch of stuff happening in the world that they need to take care of, which is the normal format I opt for, I cooked up a Master Plan that directly involved both characters and had the trouble come to them. We didn't get too far in this game, but I've got some fun ideas for where to go with it and ideas wacky enough that they could end up anywhere.

We only see mooks this game, along with a certain doctor that is sure to play a larger role in the future, but danger surely lurks around the corner. If we don't do downtime via email it should be included at the start of the next episode.

(Intro music by Marc Minier)

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